Farm Endless Nanites In The Easiest Ways: No Man's Sky Guide (2024)

Master finding and farming nanites in No Man's Sky to unlock boundless possibilities in this cosmic adventure

No Man's Sky offers an expansive open-world space adventure, where players traverse galaxies, engage in battles, and explore a universe filled with endless possibilities. In this vast cosmic expanse, the acquisition of two essential currencies, Units and Nanites, becomes crucial for survival and progression. While Units are relatively abundant, Nanites are the rarer and more precious of the two, serving as the primary currency for obtaining unique items, blueprints, and valuable upgrades.


  • 1 Easiest Ways To Farm Nanites in No Man's Sky
  • 2 Upload All Discoveries
  • 3 Explore Buildings
  • 4 Destroy Sentinels
    • 4.1 Finding and Farming Sentinels
  • 5 Completing Missions
  • 6 Visit the Anomaly
  • 7 Refine Runaway Mould
    • 7.1 Farming Runaway Mould
  • 8 Get Rich with our No Man's Sky Guide

Easiest Ways To Farm Nanites in No Man's Sky

This comprehensive guide will delve deeper into the five most effective and efficient methods for farming Nanites in No Man's Sky. By mastering these strategies, players can significantly enhance their gaming experience and gain access to coveted resources.

Upload All Discoveries

One of the swiftest and most straightforward ways to amass Nanites is by diligently documenting all your discoveries. As you explore new planets, take a moment to scan the diverse array of flora, fauna, and minerals you encounter. Each scan creates a unique entry in your discovery catalog, which can ultimately be translated into the precious currency you desperately seek. To convert your discoveries into Nanites, follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Options menu to access your in-game settings.
  • Navigate to the Discoveries tab, where your catalog of discoveries is stored.
  • Within this tab, you will find a list of visited star systems and their associated discoveries.
  • To reap the rewards, select the white arrow located at the top of the list and choose the “Upload All” option.

The number of Nanites earned corresponds directly to the quantity and rarity of your discoveries. Consequently, meticulous exploration and thorough scanning can yield substantial Nanite rewards, bolstering your in-game capabilities.

Explore Buildings

Nanite Clusters can also be uncovered within various types of buildings scattered across planets. These structures include Resource Depots, bunk buildings, and abandoned facilities. While Nanites can be found on most planets, hospitable ones tend to yield better results.

To locate these buildings, players can activate their scanning capabilities, either from the ground or while soaring through the planet's atmosphere. For those seeking minimal interference from Sentinels, abandoned facilities offer a safer exploration option. However, Resource Depots and Outposts often harbor more Nanites for the taking. To claim your Nanite rewards, interact with the electronic systems inside these structures, adding to your ever-expanding Nanite stash.

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Destroy Sentinels

Sentinels, enigmatic drone entities, serve as the guardians of many planets within the game. These guardians can assume varying degrees of hostility or neutrality, depending on the galaxy's specific conditions. Regardless of their disposition, Sentinels will respond aggressively to any perceived threats. However, players who successfully vanquish Sentinels have a chance to obtain Nanites from their remains.

Engaging Sentinels typically involves utilizing your Exocraft or ranged weapons. Sentinels are not exceptionally resilient, making them relatively easy to defeat. It is important to note, however, that provoking Sentinels invariably triggers reinforcements. To optimize your Nanite gains while avoiding overwhelming confrontations, consider employing a tactical approach. Seek refuge within nearby buildings until Sentinels lose their pursuit, allowing for systematic elimination and efficient collection of Nanite drops.

Finding and Farming Sentinels

Farming Sentinels in No Man's Sky is essential. These mechanical enforcers, similar to the Korvax, act as universal guardians, maintaining balance in the universe. They protect ecosystems, swiftly responding to changes or player interference, often launching attacks on valuable tradeable planets. Classified as “Aggressive,” “Frenzied,” or “High-Security,” they create extreme environments, perfect for Extreme Survival milestones. Engaging Sentinels in combat yields valuable nanites, making it a rewarding pursuit in the game's universe.

  • Sentinel Drone: 5-10 clusters per combat supplies drop.
  • Sentinel Quad: 12-24 clusters per combat supplies drop.
  • Sentinel Walker: 28-90 clusters per combat supplies drop.

Farming Sentinels presents both a thrilling challenge and an opportunity to amass nanites, making it a rewarding pursuit in the expansive No Man's Sky universe.

Completing Missions

Completing missions represents a rewarding avenue for accruing Nanites in No Man's Sky. The process begins with players acquiring missions from the mission attendant stationed at any Space Station throughout the galaxy. Missions encompass a wide range of categories, including Courier, Battle, Wildlife, and Photography.

The availability of missions expands as players establish stronger relationships with the alien lifeforms offering these assignments. Notably, players have the freedom to accept multiple missions concurrently, enabling the efficient use of their time and resources. Once a mission is successfully completed, players can return to a Space Station to claim their Nanite rewards, further bolstering their in-game prosperity.

Visit the Anomaly

The Space Anomaly serves as a central hub for players seeking to amass Nanites in No Man's Sky. Summoning the Anomaly is a straightforward process, accessible via the ship menu. Within the confines of the Anomaly, players can explore various opportunities to increase their Nanite count.

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Located on the lower level of the Anomaly is a helpdesk attended by an alien lifeform known as Iteration: Helios. Iteration: Helios is prepared to exchange data information for Nanites. This data encompasses new discoveries, ranging from minerals and plants to animals and entire planets. Additionally, while visiting the Anomaly, players can peruse and purchase upgrade blueprints and special items, further enhancing their gameplay and resource acquisition capabilities.

Refine Runaway Mould

An additional method for transmuting resources into Nanites involves the refinement of Runaway Mould. No Man's Sky offers four types of refineries, each with varying capabilities: portable, small, medium, and larger models. To convert Runaway Mould into some sweet money, players should follow these steps:

  • Utilize your Analysis Visor to identify Curious Deposits on the planet's surface.
  • Employ your Mining Laser to harvest Runaway Mould from these deposits.
  • Place the collected Runaway Mould into an available Refiner.
  • Operate the Refiner to initiate the conversion process, resulting in the generation of Nanites.

This method allows players to harness their resources efficiently, amassing a valuable stockpile of Nanites for future upgrades and acquisitions.

Farming Runaway Mould

Creating a Runaway Mould farm in No Man's Sky can be an efficient strategy for consistent Nanite acquisition. To start, choose a location on a planet where you've identified a cluster of Curious Deposits with Runaway Mould. Follow these steps:

  • Place your Base Computer nearby for easy access.
  • Construct walls around the Curious Deposits to prevent them from escaping.
  • Use your Mining Laser to extract the Runaway Mould for Nanite conversion.
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To optimize efficiency:

  • Build multiple Refiners within your base to process harvested Runaway Mould simultaneously.
  • Create a Base Teleporter within your base for quick travel to other locations.
  • Upon returning via the teleporter, you'll notice the Runaway Mould has respawned near your Curious Deposits, ensuring a continuous source of Nanite-rich resource.

With this method, you can efficiently pile up on Runaway Mould and amass riches to enhance your No Man's Sky journey.

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Nanites are vital for progress in No Man's Sky, granting access to unique items and upgrades. Master these Nanite farming methods for enhanced gameplay. Whether you explore, fight, or trade, these strategies ensure success. As you journey through the cosmos, embrace opportunities for adventure and resource acquisition in this boundless universe.

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Farm Endless Nanites In The Easiest Ways: No Man's Sky Guide (2024)


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