Product Update 2024 - Summer (2024)

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June edition 2024

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GDPR Compliance in Test Systems

To comply with GDPR and other data privacy regulations and to protect customers’ personal data, Amadeus has an ongoing initiative to reduce/eliminate the presence of Production data in Test systems. The aim of this project is to sample, anonymize and restore Production PNRs and tickets/EMDs in Test systems so that minimal personal data is copied from Production. In addition to the sampling process, Production Profiles will no longer be restored/copied.

Amadeus Air-Rail Display: Merge of Eurostar and Thalys to form the Eurostar Group

Eurostar (9F) and Thalys (2H) have merged to form the Eurostar Group. They will continue to operate as today as fully functioning rail companies, but their reservation system is now hosted in a common platform. This will impact the way they are distributed in Amadeus Air-Rail Display.

From 1st June 2023, Eurostar and Thalys trains will be distributed in Amadeus Air-Rail Display under one single IATA code, 9F (Eurostar), for travel dates starting 1st September 2023.

This article highlights the main changes for Amadeus IATA travel agencies.

Queues: Indicator for MIX PNR in Queue View Display

The Queue View display has been updated with indicators for queued PNR(s) containing NDC flight(s):

• “N” for PNRs containing only NDC flight(s) plus non-air itinerary (optional)

• “M” for PNRs containing NDC flight(s) plus other air content types, such as EDIFACT (EDI) or low-cost carriers (LCC), plus non-air (optional)

• Blank or no indicator when a PNR does not contain any NDC flight plus non-air itinerary (optional)
Amadeus Electronic Ticketing: New granularity for Maximum Refund date after issuance
Airlines have now the possibility to determine a maximum refund date different from the one of the markets (set by default to 730 days after issuance). The value chosen by the airline can be a number of days between 364 days and 730 days.
NDC: LSS roles to manage NDC Orders
LSS roles for NDC orders are now configurable by transactions with a monetary value (e.g. issue a document) or without a monetary value (e.g. book a flight).

Cryptic PNR Segment Display – EU Blacklisted Airline Message Update

This enhancement updates the existing message displayed after segment sell when an airline is blacklisted to fly to the European Union.

There is no change to Web Services nor to the segment display itself, only the additional message displayed below the segment is updated.

Queues: Decommissioning of Unsolicited Message Backend Application

This is to announce the decommissioning of the Unsolicited Message Backend (UBE) application. The Unsolicited Messages (UM) service allows agents to receive messages related to queue placements on a targeted terminal, usually identified by its fixed Amadeus Terminal ID (ATID).


July edition 2024

Amadeus Rail Display / Amadeus Rail Web Services: SNCF Passenger Rights Regulation (PRR)
The EU Passenger Rights Regulation (PRR) came into effect on 7th June 2023. The regulation ensures that travelers are informed about their rights, especially when booking a through-ticket. This information will now be included in the rail booking & confirmation flows for SNCF, France's national state-owned railway company.
Amadeus Leisure IBE Advanced – July 2023 Updates
Amadeus IBE Advanced has been enhanced with new features and user interface improvements. A new optional AI (artificial intelligence) package offers features that use AI-driven pricing and demand analysis to deliver data-driven recommendations and provide pricing incentives. The offer box has benefited from an overhaul, and minor updates have been made to Trusted Reviews and the Hotel List.
Amadeus Light Ticketing: Ryanair UK content available
Ryanair UK (RK), a subsidiary of the low-cost Irish airline group Ryanair, is now available to search, book and service in the Amadeus Travel Platform.
Ancillary Services in Amadeus: Activation of Type C Baggage for Surinam Airways
Type C baggage content has been activated in Production for Surinam Airways (PY) in Amadeus Distribution channels.
Method Of Payment: Next monthly activation datesMethod of Payment (MEP) is a PCI DSS solution that stores a traveller’s credit card information in the PNR so the data can be reused without having to ask the traveller for their credit card details again. MEP is activated on customer request only and activation requests are processed once a month. See the next activation dates in the link below:

Amadeus Hotel / Amadeus Hotel Plus: Content Improvement Program - Provider Room Code in Amadeus Hotel PlatformWith this new feature, room rates can now be linked to the respective room amenities and images.
Amadeus Selling Platform Connect: Swedish Railways content now bookable with Linkonline Application
PNR Core Product: TTR Trip Suite Web Services - Decommissioning of older versions below 11.0The older versions of TTR Trip Suite functionality (TTR_ManageTrip WBS / TTR_DisplayTrip WBS / TTR_SearchTrip WBS) will be decommissioned, with only versions above 11.0 kept in use.
Amadeus Selling Platform Connect 26.3 Release NotesHighlights of this release:
- Navigation Bar evolution
- All Fares: Display tax details for NDC content
- NDC: Display airline error messages
- NDC: Support card holder name and billing address
- Amanda Chatbot: Images in chat response
- Hotels: Enhancement to post-booking management

NDC Aggregator Program: Release Notes June 2023Highlights of this release:
- Update passenger contact information after booking (WBS users only)
- Error message enhancement in Master Pricer response (WBS users only)
- Service Fee for Spanish Resident / Large Family Discount (WBS users only)
- American Airlines: Exchange of free seats for family seating (WBS users only)

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Product Update 2024 - Summer (2024)


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